FAQ: Using the Fast and Easy FTP Program
Subject: Using the Fast and Easy FTP Program

This is a bfeif overview of how to use the Fast and Easy FTP Program found inside the members area.

Once you have the software downloaded and open click on
the connect button at the top.

The connect to box will open. There you will type in your site
details. If you are unsure of your ftp address and your log in
information you will need to check with your hosting company.

Your ftp will usually look something like this:

Next click accept and the site manager will open.

Now click on your site inside the box to highlight it and
then click the connect button.

In the left set of boxes you will see the files from your
hard drive.

On the right site you will see the files on the server
where your site is hosted.

First you will need to look at the folders on your server (right side) and locate the folder where your main site files are stored.
It is usually the ( public_html or www ) folder depending on your

Double click on that folder. This is where you will
want to upload the files from your computer.

Now locate the file that you want to transfer from your computer
(left side). Click on it to highlight it and then click on the green arrow that points to the right.

You files will begin to upload to your server.

Once they are done just hit the disconnect button and
close the program.

Please let me know if you have any more questions
about the software.

I hope it works great for you,