FAQ: Paid subscriptions using plr?
Subject: Paid subscriptions using plr?
I just joined your plr site I'm just a little confused about the use terms and want to make sure I get it right.

Where it says: The content inside is for your use only. You do not have resale rights. anyone caught reselling the content found inside this membership area will have access your strict it and face possible legal action

Does that mean that I cannot set up an email subscription course using the plr content instead of just giving it away free?
I would like to have subscribers pay something like $5 per month for information via newsletter...this is why I was looking for plr and just wanted to see if I can do this with your membership content?

Thanks for your time. And by the way great info.

Answer to your question

Yes, you can set the newsletters sets up with paid access. As a matter of fact I have several members that do this.

The only thing that you are not permitted to do is share or sell the newsletter sets as a complete package or pass on the private label rights so that others can use it without being a member. This will protect the content and help it keep it's value.

I hope that helps!