FAQ: Need help using PLR newsletters?
Subject: Need help using PLR newsletters?
I do not understand what I need to do to use plr stuff you're sending.I do not at all understand your directions.

Dreamweaver is what I use.I also have aweber responders but I'm new at all this and need help to get info you send in right places.I don't have word,but prefer Dreamweaver.


Let me see if I can help get you going.

You say you use Dream Weaver and Aweber. That is good. So I am assuming that you have built a web page and added in a subscription form. Is this correct?

If not don't worry we can work on that too!

You don't need Word to edit the messages. You can use a text editor like note pad, word pad or text pad. I like text pad, you can get a free trial of it at:

To edit the messages that I provide you with all you have to do is open them up in your text editor. Make sure that you open the text file not the Word file. They are both the same just in different formats.

As you will notice when you read through the messages you will see that there are several places that you can add in your own contact information, such as your name and URL.

You can edit the messages one at a time. But you can also add your information to all of the messages at once. This makes your job easier.

To customize all of them at one time all you have to do is copy one of the phrases that I provide for you.

Let's begin:

Open up the message set that you want to use in your text editor.

Now let's add your name to the messages.

Copy this phrase - "add your name here"

Take that phrase and go to your text editor. In the menu bar at the top of your editor. Look for the edit or search menu. Under one of those you will find the "replace" feature. Choose that and a box will pop up.

Paste the phrase into the box labeled "find" then type your name in the box labeled "replace with". Now click the replace all button.

This will put your name in to all of the messages at one time.
Read through your messages to make sure everything worked OK.

Do this with all of the phrases that I provide with your messages and most of your work will be done.

Next you will want to add the individual messages to your Aweber auto responder and set them to go out on regular intervals.

Set the newsletter sets to go out every 30 days.
Set the ecourses to go out every day.

After you have the messages in the auto-responder
you will want to build or edit one of the squeeze pages that
come with the sets. You can do this with Dream weaver.

Let's work on getting your messages ready first and then
we will get your web pages ready to go.

You might find the PLR tutorial on the "members tools" page helpful. you will also find more detailed instructions on the main download page inside the members area.

I know it all gets confusing, just take it one step at a time and
pretty soon you'll be a pro at it.

I hope I helped a little. Please let me know if you have more
questions. I am glad to try and help,