FAQ: Questions about PLR Newsletters
Subject: Questions about PLR Newsletters
I had some questions about PLR Newsletters.

What will the general range of topics be?

You say "You can do just about anything you want with it except resell it as a complete package."

Does that mean I could resell just a part of it, such as the autoresponder series, without it being part of the whole package?



Thank you for joining PLR newsletters.

The topics vary from month to month. I try to alternate
business and non-business niches every month.

If you want to resell some of the content from the monthly
sets you will need to rewrite it or compile it into a new product
such as a short report or ebook. You will also need to
create new graphics.

I don't mind you using the content to create new products,
as a matter of fact I believe in getting the most out of
any content that I create or purchase, but it would be against
the rights terms to sell in a package as it is.

I hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to
contact me if you need anything else.

Have a great weekend,