FAQ: Monthly Content in PLR Newsletter Members area
Subject: Monthly Content in PLR Newsletter Members area
Hi Lisa,

Happy Thanks giving!

Thanks a lot for sending across the PLR gift.

I am thinking of taking up your offer at

But, before that I wanted to know
what content do you cover in your members area?
What are the niches you have covered so far?
Do you make monthly archives available?
Are all 12 issues trageted to one niche or different?
Design given every month are different for niches or they are generic ones?

Please let me know.


You are very welcome!

The topics vary in the members area. This months set
is Self Improvement Basics. There is also a niche marketing set
which can easily be edited to promote the site.

The site is on it's fourth month. I have covered Great Abs, Investing Basics, Niche Marketing, Outsourcing and the current set.

I set them up so that you can easily get into the new niche every month. Once it's set up you can spend a little time each day promoting the site and by the next month you will be ready for the next niche.

This way you can a new niche site to your business each month!

I remove the past set when a new set is uploaded.
I have had several requests for the past sets, so I been considering adding in an archive. But I haven't made up my mind yet.

All 12 issues in each set are targeted to one niche.

The web design for the sets are customized for each month
to go with the niche.

I hope that I answered all of your questions. Please let me know
if you have anymore,