FAQ: Beginners help with Content Collectors Dream package
Subject: Beginners help with Content Collectors Dream package
I like the look of content collectors.
What I need to know is starting from the beginning when I get the package, what do I do.
I do not have a list yet.
What is the easy way to start getting a list. I need to get names and emails then have a product to try and sell them?

Do I need to be giving something away first?
Where will be the best place to advertise that is not to expensive?
I imagine that I need to advertise first?
How did you start off to get your list?

I would like to have a full time presence on the internet in the very near future.

Many thanks,


First I want to let you know about the best marketing forum.
It has been responsible for much of my success.

It's the Warrior forum. If you aren't a member I suggest that you go
and join

Then take some time and search through the posts.

You will find answers to most of your questions there..

The reason that I am suggesting the warrior forum is because it is the
place where you can do all of the things that you asked me about.
It is also the fastest route to online success.

It is the single best resource for online marketing help and information.

There you can sell products, build your list and make a name for yourself
all in one place.

Have you decided on a niche or topic for your business?

Once you have you can start collecting emails, promoting affiliate
programs and selling products.

To start building your list go to:
and get a free auto-responder. They have great tutorials that will
show you how to set up your list and collect emails.

Once you have your auto-responder set up you can start building your list
by giving something away, like a report or ebook in exchange for people joining
your list.

You can post your free gift in the warrior forum among other places.

You can also include your gift in your profile and signature line in the
forum. Then when you post a comment or reply your offer will

When you are ready to start selling your own product the forum is one of
the most responsive and cost effective places to post an ad.

You just have to make sure that the product is yours and the offer is good.
Just make sure that you read the rules for posting.

In the PLR Junkies download section of your content collectors package
you will find a report that will tell you all about advertising in forums.

You will also find a ton of information about building your business
inside the content collectors package.

I hope that helps. It can be very overwhelming trying to get started online.
Just take it one step at a time, pick one thing to focus on and stick with it.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
I'm glad to help,


I have not got a niche. I was thinking of just general plr products on starting a business and the resources that go with it.

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I am assuming that you don't have a website yet?

If that is the case and you want to get started quickly I would
suggest that you go to and set up a lens on

Squidoo is really hot right now and it will allow you to get
started quickly without having to set up a website until you are ready.

Another nice thing about it is that it has built in revenue so once you start getting readers you should start seeing some income.

You can then use your lens to build your reputation and list.
You will also be able to promote products from there.

There is a tip file in your package that is all about how to use squidoo.

If I were starting all over that is exactly what I would do.

One other tip that I can give you is to brand your Name "Your " not your business name. Your main goal is to get people to recognize and trust you as an expert in the field of private label products. So learn everything you can about the subject and then share what you know in your lens.

If you don't have a domain name yet, your name should be the
the first one that you buy.

I hope this helps. There is a lot to learn when your starting out
just take your time and keep it simple.

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Thanks for your help.
I do have a web site, but it is not looking to good now and I am about to change it completely.

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You are ahead of the game!

Your site looks fine the only thing you may want to
consider is toning down the yellow other that that
just keep adding to it and get that subscribe box up at the

Are you having trouble getting traffic and subscribers?

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It has been my biggest problem.
I have never really known were to start.

I will let you see the site when I have finished changing it.


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Traffic isn't as easy as everyone says.

I get a lot from posting to the warrior forum and from
submitting articles. Another way is to join free give aways.
If I hear of any I'll let you know.

Why don't you take one of the plr products you have
rework it a little, add some links to your site and post it in the
free give away section of the Warrior forum.

There are other forums and download sites that you can post your
offer too! Just do a search for marketing forums.

I'll look forward to seeing the site.

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Thanks for your help, it is appreciated.