NEWS: datacenter power outage
Subject: datacenter power outage
We're currently experiencing a power outage issue at the datacenter that's affecting a couple of our servers. Here's a note that we received from them:

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Arizona Public Service has experienced a major power outage this evening. When APS power fails our transfer switch starts up our generator and switches power over to the generator. Unfortunately when APS power failed it also caused a failure in some parts of our power syste_ms outside of the generator and transfer switch. We are currently working with electricians and engineers to get all equipment functional again. As the electricians and engineers continue to work on this equipment this evening there may be a few more interruptions in service. We are taking this time to perform any maintenance needed since we have already had a power outage and its the middle of the night on a weekend.
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We are working to get everything up and running again as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing.