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Hi... Kavi always responds quickly and with very good information.

I have been a customer for aprox 4 years and won't go to another service.

My websites are NEVER DOWN, and from the autoresponders to the shopping carts, to the affilite programs I run through the system, I am completely satisfied and my business runs smooth and profits because of these tools!

Thank you!
Terah Logan


EbizAC has the best support I have ever experienced and I worked in tech support for 17 years. All trouble tickets are responded to and usually resolved before I even check my email the next day. Awesome job Kavi,

Allen Davis


Thanks for the information Kavi. As a non techie person i struggle with some of the terminology and the processes, but i have to say your support is excellent. I always have my questions answered and usually within a few hours maximum.

Also the whole ebizac experience has made creating and running my business so much easier, so thanks again.



Over the years I have used a number of hosts. Some were good, some were OK. I never had some of the nightmares that others have written about, but neither did I have anything close to the amazing support and services offered by the eBizAC!

Every time I have had something I just couldn't figure out or needed to make some kind of change. Kavi of ebizac has been nothing short of stellar and stupendous. He has responded fast and always with the right info or actions. Usually my support tickets are answered within a few hours and sometimes within a few minutes.

And then there is the incredible range of programs available to internet marketers through ebizac system. Everything from autoresponders to affiliate management. And the cost for all of this is beyond reasonable...it is ridiculously low.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to give the ebizac system a try. Not only will you get great hosting, but a range of programs that will save you a bundle and service that is miles ahead of anyone else.

David Wylie
Internet Marketer
Nevada, USA


I can only speak highly of the responsive professional service I have had from you guys over the years I have been with you

Russell James


Kavi is amazing! I just put in a ticket and got a reply already about what, an hour later, not sure ... but IT'S SUNDAY! Thanx Kavi for the great customer service.

Ted Harge


Hi My Name is Wallenstein from Indonesia.

I have been using your system since 2006 until now into all my website. Starting using this I am still new bie in internet. But everytime i get trouble during setting the system even when i using other parties your Team always support me to solve.

Most of the important thing I get from support is they always answer all my question in short time only in 2-5 minutes more faster than others.



eBizAC.com has been a life saver for my business. I saved the cost of using this service the first two hours we started bringing in sales. Other affiliate management software companies charge $3 - $7 for each sale, this would have cost me $300 just YESTERDAY! I've paid for this service for an entire 10 months, with just one day of active marketing.

The customer service is also second to none, I know I've been a difficult customer but Kavi has the patience of "Job" biblical character. He is always there to promptly answer questions if needed. Usually I despise using "support desks" but Kavi responds so quickly and thoroughly that it's never an issue.

Last but not least, is the software itself. Kavi makes it exceptionally easy to affiliate programs, bring new products to market, and use the autoresponder software. The money you save with eBizAC.com is amazing compared to iContact or other companies that don't even offer half of what eBizAC.com offers.

There is tremendous value in the services provided here for any internet marketer or business owner. Thanks so much for the great service!

Jeff Sokol


I have been with Kavi ever since he started off as a web hosting provider. There is simply nothing better on the market if you are an online business owner. You get everything you need, all in one package, and it's so easy to use. I love this service, and it just keeps getting better and better. With Kavi to take care of things for me, I never have to worry about the technical side of business. Everything is taken care of, and it allows me to focus on what important in my business: teaching my customers how to market online so they make more money.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this service is 1000+.

Jinger Jarrett


I have been using eBizAC.com since June 2007 to handle all my autoresponder needs and I have nothing but praise about their service!

Customer support is superb and goes beyond merely attending my calls: they have actually made my problems their own and gotten them fixed. And while I was a beginner they were never slow to help me sort even my most basic "newbie" doubts!

Jose Perez


HELLO Kick-Ass System :>)

I've been online several years Kavi and have tried just about every "so called automation system," accross the net, only to be disappointed time and again. FINALLY! eBizAC.com is my Final Destination!

The eBizAC.com system is by far the most advanced, yet simple to use system I've Ever Seen - not to mention it's affordability!

Every aspect of what you MUST HAVE to Effectively market on the internet Succeffully is inside your SYSTEM Kavi.

Thanks for providing me with this Powerful Secret Weapon!

Capt Elwood Lee


I have been extremely pleased with the breadth, depth, and capabilities of the tools you make available. It has made it easy to host multiple websites, blogs etc. I haven't found a better deal anywhere online! Excellent uptime and fast support response time are just like icing on the cake. Thanks for the all-inclusive solution!

Don McNulty



I've to say a BIG thank you to you for creating Business Automation Center. It's by far the best, most secure and feature-rich system I've used to run my many money-making websites.

It's so good in fact that I've transferred my biggest asset, my lists, over to eBizAC.com entirely. This is the ultimate testament to how good it truly is, as any marketer will attest that the list is the most valued possession one will have.

Great job and it gets my full recommendation!

Ewen Chia



Just wanted to send you a note to say WOW!

You have created a truly superior and simple "One-Stop Solution" that allows any serious netrepreneur the opportunity to automate their entire business and save a lot of people a lot of time and money.

Keep up the good work!

David Zohar


I have only three things to say to you... Thank You, Thank You and Thank You! Your new system absolutely rocks!!!

Thank you for all the killer features. After checking out all the bells and whistles of Business Automation Center all I can say is "wow!" Simply brilliant and well worth the wait!

And, finally, Thank You for the courteous, prompt and patient support you've always provided whenever I have a question or concern.

Believe me, if there was an Olympic medal for the best software support on the planet, you'd surely get a Gold my friend!

I've already signed up for your affiliate program and you can bet I'll be highly recommending your service to all I know.

Excellent job!



One awesome system Kavi! This service is a great time saver and one that any serious webmaster should have. Being able to manage all products from one area is something that I needed a long time ago.

I give this service 2 thumbs up and will be definitely plugging this to all of my customers and associates.


Larry Sullivan


I really can't believe how many functions you have included in one membership.

You have really created a 'one-stop' , 'all in one package' for an internet marketing business. It just makes it so much easier and cheaper than having`memberships or software all over the place to achieve the same result. I`find each component easy to use too!

Kind regards....
Anita Proud


I wanted to drop you a quick note to congratulate you on once again outdoing yourself. The new eBizAC.com - Business Automation Center is simply outstanding. I am not exactly sure how you always manage to come out with these powerful tools, but I am sure glad you do.

Being able to combine my support desk along with my list management, affiliate and product management as well as membership management is just one piece of the puzzle and you've not only solved that, but taken it even further.

Best of all, you've made it very simple to use eBizAC.com, it's a perfect backoffice for me.

Thank you again for everything you do,



Business Automation Center has been a God-send for me and my business. It does everything I need as a non-guru marketer. Everything from sending my email series to tracking sales history. This is a GREAT service for the price I pay and the customer service is immediate!

I would recommend it to anyone.
Alphonso Jones


Hi Kavi

Thanks for all your help. Your Customer service and program are second to none. When I started I just learned my HTML Editor lol, Now going into my third month I have a membership site, and a Review site. I could not have done this in that time without your help. A++++ ALL THE WAY...

Best Regards
Joe H

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