FAQ: 30-Day IM Challenge
Subject: 30-Day IM Challenge
Here's an overview of what to expect during the 30-Day
IM Challenge.

First off, you'll find the Lessons in the Member's Area.
You can login at:

If you haven't already upgraded to a lifetime Gold Membership, you should! For a one time tuition of only $14.95, you get LIFETIME access to each Lesson in downloadable PDF format (you even get future updates to download too!) PLUS you get access to WEEKLY Teleconferences and Webinars that are held each week on Wednesdays at 4pm eastern.

You can upgrade to Gold Member at:

Here's how you access the Lessons ...

Login to the Member's Area for the Challenge. If you've already registered, you should be able to do so at:

In the sidebar, you'll see a list of the Lessons in the Challenge. When you first join, you'll only be able to access the Introduction and Lesson 1. The rest of the Lessons become available to you every few days during the 30 days after you register.

To get each new Lesson when it becomes available to you, make sure that you download and install the Directions University "Ultimate Marketing Toolbar" and install your personal RSS Feed button on it. You'll find instructions and links to do so on the "Welcome, Start Here" page of the Challenge member's area. To go there right now, visit:

The DU Toolbar not only contains links to the Lessons in the Challenge. It is also a HUGE time saver and a tool for doing the market research for your business. It lets you access your email without ever having to open a browser window. You can post tweets and read tweets from your friends right from inside the toolbar. You can connect with others in Facebook -- again, right from your toolbar!

And, you'll also be able to get access to our Blog Talk Radio Show, "Relationship Marketing 101" (this airs on Tuesdays at Noon Eastern from ), read our blog (including the twice daily inspirational quotes that will help you to improve your mindset and stay motivated), and much more!

From the DU Toolbar, you'll also be able to access our Classroom (otherwise known as our Forum). Inside, you'll find like-minded entrepreneurs who are building their businesses just like you! It's a great place to meet mastermind partners, prospective joint venture partners, get answers to your burning questions so you can continue to take more action, etc.

Plan on visiting the Classroom at least a few times each week during the entire Challenge! Make sure that you get your introductory post up in the Forum to introduce yourself. It's required in order to be eligible for any of the prizes!

(Don't forget -- you need to also post each week answering 3 questions: What did you learn this week? What did you do this week? What results did you get this week? You must post each week during the Challenge in order to win any of the prizes!)

You'll want to continue to return to the Member's Area every few days to access your next Lesson. By breaking the materials up and delivering them over time, instead of all at once, you are MUCH more likely to actually get through the Lessons and take the action described in the "Action Steps" and assignments at the end of each one.

This means that you're also more likely to get RESULTS from participating in the Challenge! After all, in the end, RESULTS are what matter, right?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the forum or here on the Support Desk. I hope to meet you on the Gold Challenge Calls!