FAQ: Installing the Directions University Toolbar
Subject: Installing the Directions University Toolbar
The Directions University "Ultimate Marketing Toolbar" helps save you time and also provides you with great information about growing your business. Some of the features include:

* Access to,, and to research your market and your competition
* Search the great content available on Directions University's website
* Locate courses that will help you improve your mindset, increase your traffic, build your list, and make more money!
* Custom "Find JV Partners" Tool to help you find people to promote your products
* Email tool gives you access to all your email accounts right from your toolbar without ever having to open a browser window!
* Twitter Tool lets you tweet and view your friends' tweets right from your toolbar!
* Facebook Tool lets you post to Facebook right from your toolbar!
* Blog Talk Radio tool lets you tune into Relationship Marketing 101 on BTR each Tuesday at noon eastern and gives you access to all past shows as well!
* Your Personal RSS Feed lets you add the RSS Feed from any course that you have enrolled in so that you can get to the Lessons as they become available to you.

To install the toolbar, here's what you need to do:

1) Download the toolbar at:

2) Install the toolbar. This will require you to close your browser and then reopen it. Once you reopen it, you should see the Directions University logo and name on one of your toolbars.

3) After the toolbar is installed, go back to the "Welcome, Start Here" page on blog associated with each course you have enrolled in. Scroll down to "Step 2" and click the button to install your personal RSS feed to the toolbar.

To get the blog associated with the courses you are enrolled in, add /welcome-start-here to the URL for each course you have enrolled in.

(NOTE: You'll find each course that you have enrolled in by first logging in to and then mousing over the "My Courses" link in the upper left corner. You can enroll in additional courses from the Course Listing located at: )

Once you've done this for each course you are enrolled in, you should be all set! If you need any further help, just let us know by opening a support ticket at!

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves