FAQ: DU Login Issues
Subject: DU Login Issues
From time to time, due to improvements in WordPress and BuddyPress which form the core platform used on, users experience login difficulties and activation issues. The easiest way to prevent these issues is to create your account using your Facebook credentials. That way, all you have to do is:

* Go to
* In the upper right corner where you see the login boxes, click on the blue "F CONNECT" button.
* This opens a new window where you'll login to your account on Facebook. After you login, the window will close and you'll return to the DU site where you'll be logged in.
* Once logged in, you can mouse over the "My Courses" link in the upper left corner to see the courses in your account.

NOTE: If you purchased a product from DU when you were not logged into your account, your account was then setup using your PayPal email address. Only that account will show your purchase in the "My Courses" area. If you purchased a product and don't see it in the "My Courses" drop down menu, please contact Support for the Activating a Purchase code so that you can add the product to your account. You'll need to include a copy of your PayPal receipt before we will give you the activation code.


Here's what you need to do to create and activate your account...

* Go to:
* Complete the short form
* Check your email for a message from Directions University that has a subject line that says "Activate http://". This message may go to your spam folder so check there if it's not in your InBox.
* Click on the link inside your Activation Email. This link may produce an error on DU. If that happens, first try copying the link from your email and pasting it into your address bar, making sure that the ENTIRE link is included. Some email providers add a hard return in the middle of the link. To the server, this appears as a link to a URL that doesn't exist. If you simply copy and paste the entire link into a single line without the hard return, it should work just fine.
* If you still get an error when activating, try logging into your account anyway. To do this, go to:

This will almost always work anyway. You'll know you are logged in when you see "Welcome, _______" with your name in the blank located in the upper right corner.

If going to the login page above takes you to the registration page again, then you'll need to do the following:

* Clear your cookies and browser history. In Internet Explorer, you do this by going to "Tools" and then "Internet Options". In Firefox, you do this by going to "Tools" and "Options". (It can also work if you simply use another browser. If you registered using Internet Explorer, login with Firefox, and vice versa.


If you don't see a product you purchased from us listed in your "My Courses" drop down, you'll need to "Activate a Purchase" to add it to your account. At the time of your order, you would have received an email containing the Activation Email and Activation Code to use to add the product to your account. (If you didn't get this, put in a support desk ticket, include your PayPal receipt, and we will provide them to you). Here's how you activate a purchase...

* First, login to your DU account using the instructions above.
* Click on the "Activate a Purchase" link in the upper left corner.
* Enter the "Activation Email" and "Activation Code". Note that there is no @ or domain in the Activation Email.

After entering the Activation Email & Code, the page will look like nothing happened. However, things were happening behind the scenes and you should now be able to hit the REFRESH button and mouse over "My Courses" to see the course added to your account.